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Here are the actor biographies.

Deanna Wright
Born on January 11th, Deanna Wright was born and raised in Ocala, Florida.  She began acting at the age of eight in skits made up by her and her sister that were performed in front of her grandfather's video camera.  At 12 years old, she was urged by a friend to attend modeling school.  She began attending Cassandra Carrigan's Model Centre, and Cassandra was so impressed by Deanna's determination that she decided to manage her early in her career.

Her early years were spent auditioning for commercials and she did ads for Quincy's, Walt Disney, Euro Disney and Sea World.  In April of 1996, the Elite Modeling Agency, one of those most powerful agencies in the world, flew her to New York City after she won a local model search.  While there she worked with several high fashion photographers, and although Elite decided that she was too young at the time, they told her that she had all the qualities needed for a bright future in modeling.  In the summer of 1997, an Italian modeling agency in Milan began representing her in Europe.  She spent almost two months in Italy modeling and did a campaign for Wella, a hair product company that is internationally known.

During her senior year of high school, Deanna moved to Miami to pursue her modeling career.  On Cassandra's advice, she signed with Sheffield-Bloom, a TV, film and commercial agent.  Things did not go as well as planned, and she eventually returned to Ocala in July of 1998.  She began classes at a local community college and figuring that her show business career was over, she decided to pursue her other dream of becoming a doctor.  

In 1999, Deanna was still taking classes in Ocala, but driving back and forth to Miami for auditions.  During pilot season, she landed a screen test and later won the role of Pennie in the pilot Manchester Prep, which was based on the hit film Cruel Intentions.  The pilot was picked up by the WB for the 99-00 TV season, but later dropped.  It was turned into the direct-to-video release "Cruel Intentions 2".

In June of 1999, she moved back to Miami and began taking formal acting classes.  During the pilot season of 2000, she went to Los Angeles for her first extended stay.  The experience was disappointing, and Deanna went back to Florida feeling discouraged with her acting career.  However, not long after, she was asked to audition for the role of Kay Bennett on Passions, and eventually took over the role vacated by Taylor Anne Mountz.

Deanna's hobbies include snorkeling, volleyball, cheerleading and she is also an avid swimmer.


Tamara Braun
As a child, Tamara knew she wanted to act. But it wasn't until she was in college that she realized she wanted to pursue it as a career. She was excelling in school as a Psychology major, spending all of her spare time pursuing a minor in drama and theatre. muses the actress. After a lot of self explorations, Tamara made the decision to pursue her passion full time and immediately enrolled in acting classes in her hometown of Chicago.

Tamara went on to London to study at the Royal Academy of the Dramatic Arts for a summer where she studied Shakespeare and spent time backpacking through Europe. She returned to Chicago to continue studying and landed a commercial agent. Commercial work came quickly for the actress and she finally made the decision to move to Los Angeles in the summer of 1995. She almost immediately booked an agent and her first guest-starring role on The Sentinel. This was followed by guest-starring roles on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Party of Five, 7th Heaven, and The Pretender, among others. Her film credits include a featured role in Soul Food and a leading role in the independent feature film Fallen Arches.

Tamara resides in Los Angeles and in her free time she enjoys writing, spending time with friends, hiking and studying film.



Steve Burton
Steve Burton's background is quite unlike that of Jason Quartermaine. Born in Indianapolis, Indiana, Mr. Burton was raised in the Midwest and attended several different high schools in the nation's heartland before moving with his father to California. Before graduating from Beverly Hills High school, "a world apart from the environment I was accustomed to," he emphasizes, Mr. Burton studied drama and was a member of the school's acclaimed Theatre 40.

A very successful career in commercials led to a three-year run on the popular syndicated comedy series, Out of This World, playing the role of Chris Fuller. Mr. Burton made his daytime drama debut in the recurring role of Harris Michaels on Days of Our Lives.

A gifted and enthusiastic athlete, Steve enjoys and excels at virtually every sport, but prefers surfing above them all. Steve was  married in Jan, 1999 to Sheree Gustin and they live in Los Angeles.




Alicis Leigh Willis
Alicia was born in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. Her birthday is March 1st. She was the third child in a family of six; dad (David), mom (Leigh), older sister, Kimberly, older brother, Ryan, and a younger sister, Tiffany. From an early age her parents knew she was destined for a career as an actress. The entire family was working on Neil Simons Sluggers Wife in Atlanta when the cast and crew broke for lunch. For a short moment Alicia got lost in the shuffle only to be found at the lunch table sitting in the lap of the films star, Michael OKeefe, and chatting away with Neil Simon. Later that year she had her first speaking role in a Bank Commercial working along side her father. More commercials and modeling jobs followed as the family became more and more involved in the acting business. Alicia also found her second passion in life around this time, soccer. Her mom was constantly taking all four children to auditions and sporting events.

In 1986 the family decided to make the move out west to Los Angeles and pursue the Hollywood dream. Dad managed to find work right away but slowly Alicia and her siblings decided to concentrate on their sports and school activities rather than acting. Alicia became a very accomplished soccer player at the club level and in high school. She also developed as a powerful hitter in club volleyball. It wasnt until her junior year in high school that Alicia rediscovered her earlier love for the camera. At an open call for a Kelloggs Frosted Flakes commercial she wowed the director with her volleyball skills beating out several hundred girls for the principal role. For three years you could see her playing beach volleyball with Tony the Tiger all over the television. This led to a new agent and shortly thereafter, a recurring role as Corey Conway on the hit series "7th Heaven".

In her senior year at Laguna Beach High School she was being recruited to play college soccer by several Division 1 schools. She had to make a choice. Although she loved her soccer and had been playing since the age of five she knew her future was waiting for her in Hollywood. She and her dad began studying together at South Coast Repertory Theater and she gave up her soccer career to concentrate on her acting.

After graduating from high school she moved to Los Angeles and soon began guest starring in TV Sitcoms and landing small film roles. In December of 1998 NBCs Another World came to Los Angeles looking to cast the role of "Alli Fowler". Alicia auditioned twice, flew to New York for a screen test, and within two weeks of the initial call was moving to the Big Apple to begin work on one of televisions oldest daytime shows. Her head was spinning as she adjusted to the demanding work schedule and to her new home in Greenwich Village. She quickly became part of the family in Bay City and fell in love with the cast and crew of "Another World". She also came to love New York City and after a whirlwind six months was devastated to find the show canceled after thirty five years on the air. In spite of its brevity, it was the most wonderful experience in her short acting career and she learned more than she could have hoped for working with such talented people in front of and behind the camera. Alicia now resides in Los Angeles, and is thrilled to be part of the talented cast of ABC'S "General Hospital", the show in which she began her work as "Courtney Matthews", in December of 2001

Alicia spends a lot of time at the beach, where she is learning to surf. As much as she loves to have fun in the sun, she takes equal advantage of Los Angeles' close proximity to the mountains and snowboards every chance she gets.

Alicia lives in Los Angeles with her cat Luey, as well as her new puppy Sydney.

Maurice Benard
Benard's multi-cultural upbringing began in San Francisco, where he was born to parents from Nicaragua and San Salvador. Uninspired by the traditional education route, Maurice gleaned an education in the open job market after high school.

His dark good looks and intense gaze brought him modeling jobs in his early 20s. Following that, Benard took up acting in numerous theatrical productions in the Bay area.

After auditioning for a role on the ABC daytime drama, All My Children, Benard was cast as Nico Kelly. Two years later, Benard struck out to find new challenges and moved to Los Angeles, where he was soon cast as the lead in the much-publicized TV movie, Lucy and Desi: Before the Laughter. He later added a pivotal role in the feature film, Ruby, to several other prominent film and television credits.

Benard lives in the Hollywood Hills area of Southern California. He enjoys the martial arts, working out and playing host to a menagerie of dogs and cats. Maurice and his wife, Paula, are the proud parents of daughters Cailey Sofia and Cassidy Rose.